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Museu Etnològic del Montseny is housed within a seventeenth-century building situated in the centre of the village of Arbúcies. The museum shows, through its permanent display, the evolution of forms of living of the communities who have lived and worked in El Montseny throughout history. The visit is complemented by the projection of the audiovisuals Montsoriu Castle and Legends of Montseny


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        Other rooms

        • Lobby

          Entrance area

        • The first settlers

          Through the exhibit objects, the visitor can travel through time and learn about life in prehistory, Iberian and Roman times, and also understand the landscape transformation the massif has...

        • The traditional society

          The museum’s first floor explains how the so-called self-sufficient traditional society worked.This medieval-rooted society was structured around the farmhouse, the basic social and production...

        • The industrialization

          At the end of nineteenth and early twentieth century the industrialization process caused the last main change affecting the forms of living in El Montseny with economic, social, and even...

        Navegació interna